Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PamperingBeki - from dork to hot Mom - pamperingbeki.etsy.com

A while back I sent a call out for dorks and one person was honest enough to reply. Well, I know there are more dorks out there. And you should be proud. This feature is about PamperingBeki.etsy.com. Please check out her shop if you are a dork or a hot mom!

Sweetyprize: so, you think you are a dork, huh? what gives you entry into the land of dorkdom?
PamperingBeki ** Oh honey, if you only knew what a big dork I am!! Awkward, quirky, geeky, goofy, scatterbrained... those all describe me. Yep, I'm a dork. (Actually I think I need a tee with the word DORK really big on the front...)

Sweetyprize: what does etsy mean to you
PamperingBeki **Well, I'm still fairly new, but I'm LOVING it so far. I've been selling on an auction site (ahem!) for over 4 years, but I've always felt like I had to channel my items toward a certain audience. On etsy, I feel like I can be as creative as I want and the buyers "get it". That, I love.

Sweetyprize: explain the creative process for making your items, where does your inspiration come from?
PamperingBeki **You know, I get an idea in my head and I HAVE to create it... right then. I'm lacking in the patience department. If I have to order supplies and wait for them to arrive, I think about my piece day and night until it's created. I'm also a mom of 3 kids, one being a newborn, so time is not always plentiful but I'll tell you, I dream about that piece for hours on end in my mind. There is SUCH a sense of satisfaction when I finally get it made. Fortunately jewelry doesn't take too long to make so it's a bit of instant gratification. My inspiration comes from the fashion industry in general. So often I'll see an outfit on a runway and instantly know the piece of jewelry that it "needs", or I'll see other artisan's jewelry and become inspired by it. I'm constantly looking through fashion magazines and developing new and fresh ideas.

Sweetyprize: describe your shop using metaphor
PamperingBeki **You've stumped me..."PamperingBeki designs are wearable luxuries, everyday indulgences, and adorable adornments." ???

Sweetyprize: you have a section called 'hot mom' ... what's the deal with that
PamperingBeki **I LOVE that we live in a time that it's 'cool' to be a mom. And it's okay to be hot still! It's all the rage in Hollywood, you know? ;-) Just because someone has children doesn't mean she should retire her sex appeal and begin wearing her husband's sweats and tshirts everywhere she goes. And it's not just about appearances, it's about remaining true to yourself, even after childbirth. Women need to maintiain their interests and activities that they enjoyed before mommyhood. Being a mom is a great job, but I'm much more of a person than 'just' Mom. It's about empowerment and redefining motherhood. If mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy! :)

Sweetyprize: when did you start crafting? did you always do the type of work you sell now, or did you begin differently?
PamperingBeki **I've always enjoyed crafting, but never really found a passion until I dabbled in jewelry 4 years ago. The urge hit me suddenly one day, I knew I HAD to create jewelry, and I've never looked back.

Sweetyprize: is 1980s hair metal cool?
PamperingBeki **Sorry but no, it's not. Spiral perms, however... now those rocked!

Sweetyprize: what does the name of your shop mean and why did you go with that?
PamperingBeki **It's fairly simple really. I'm Beki, who pampers others, a.k.a. PamperingBeki. It was the first online id I registered with and I sort of became "branded" with it and it stuck!

Sweetyprize: what item are you most proud of? and why?
PamperingBeki **My most recent piece. Like I said before it's so completely gratifying and rewarding to see my vision completed and every time it becomes my newest favorite.

Sweetyprize: what was the ugliest thing you made? describe it in all its hideous glory.
PamperingBeki **Oh mercy, do I have to just pick one? Some of the first bracelets I made were pretty horrid! Everything from the tacky wire to the silver plated toggle, the atrocious crimp job to the awful cheap beads made those bracelets just ghastly. Fortunately there were only a handful of those before I got the hang of it. ;-) It's scary to think they may still be floating around out there in the world somewhere though.

Sweetyprize: tell us something else about your self you think we should know
PamperingBeki **I'm loads of fun to hang out with. :)

Sweetyprize: and tell us something else about your crafts!
PamperingBeki **My items are made with the finest ingredients available and I offer a lifetime guarantee on every single piece. I want people to be thrilled and enjoy their item for years to come.

Sweetyprize: and finally, why should our readers check out your shop?
PamperingBeki **Because everyone needs to be Pampered occasionally!

Would you like to be featured here? Check out my shop at http://sweetyprize.etsy.com/ and send me a convo! I’ll review your shop and you could be next!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Big plastic storage containers

I'm having a big sale at http://sweetyprize.etsy.com, because I'm soon moving and need to pack up all my goodies. So, look fast for some great deals!
Everything I own is in big plastic storage containers; it's kinda nuts. That's what is making my world go round, that and sharpie permanent magic markers. I've got it down to a bit of a science, so yay for me. But it's a lot of work!

I've had some responses to my call for etsyians to feature. For others, I'll just be picking them and asking them some questions. Much love to etsy.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Gonna feature me some Etsyians

So, perhaps you've heard of Etsy. It's a place to buy and sell all things handmade. Lo and behold, lots of people make things. Who woulda guessed it? Well, about tens of thousands of people. I hope to feature some of them here. Yes here, in my blog. This thing you're reading right now. It will divulge what makes these sellers so awesome. I tell you what I think is so great about them, and I'll interview them and you can get a peek into their minds and craft. And lots of fun will be had by all!
Check out http://www.etsy.com to see all the magic!

Visit me at the Brick Township High School craft fair Saturday

Still got a long list of things to do.
It was work just taking down all my listings at http://sweetyprize.etsy.com, because I didn't want any customers there to buy what might be sold at the craft fair. I still have a lot of pricing, tagging, inventory-ing and on and on to do.
As my mom says "lord give me strength." But now another cup of tea will suffice in place of divine intervention.