Thursday, April 26, 2007

Going Old World

There's people who are doing innovative thing with new materials, modern designs and post-post-post whathaveyou.
But then there are folks who insist on doing it the old fashioned way. They are woodworkers. They are carvers. They weave. On - your place to buy all things handmade - these crafters are united in Old World Shoppes.
Check out all the members at
I am a member, and have listed some more Old World Shoppe items - mainly decoupage and rag rugs.
Decoupage is the art of applying decorative papers to an object and then sealing them so it appears to be part of the object. On my esty site,, you can find my decoupaged eggs. I selected a variety of papers to create unique patterns on the eggs, such as silverfish, bear jars of honey, totems, as well as creeping phlox. Check them out, but dont try and scramble them.
DUring the Great Depression, fabric was at a premium. Well, everything was. In the spirit of taking scraps and making things out of them, came the necessity of rag rugs. Strips of worn fabric were woven, braided or crocheted into rugs and blankets. This Depression Era craft has a new installment in some crochet rugs in my shop.
Check out all the other Old World Shoppes, and take in the beautiful diversity and craftsmanship of these artists and artisans! You can search the etsy site for OWS or Old World Shoppes to take it all in. Contact etsy seller Wildwood to join or for more information!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Today is showcase day

I forked over some dollar bills and got myself into two showcases on Etsy this month. Its a special feature on the front page, look for me today under Showcase. I was also very very very busy redoing my avatar and banner. I think they look great! Much thanks to, without her and her hubby I never would have figured out my massive banner problem. I swear, if she sends her address I'll send cookies.

I also wanted to give some inches to
I bought a bookmark from her shop and it arrived quickly and beautifully. What a big help she was, and her product made a wonderful gift. Never will forget that one! is the place to go for chocolate orange. I don't want to smell like an orange, and I'd probably get very hungry if I smelled like chocolate. Her chocolate orange lotion is not a combination of scents, but more like that chocolate orange candy they make. And in that way, its not too citrus, not too dessert. What's more, it's a lotion. And that makes me and my dry legs very happy. Please check out her shop and other scents.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Silly origins to my items

It's April Fool's Day!
I thought to offer a peak into how some of my sillier items were created. All are or were available for sale at Check them out!

1. Helmet Hat

I had this super thick yarn, and wondered what would happen if I made a hat out of it. Hats can be so silly, like anything, if you just take it and exaggerate an element of it. Crazy brim, oversized pompom. This one is an exaggeration of thickness. It came out looking like a crazy helmet. Something a vintage footballer or a character out of a video game would wear.

2. Leafy nymph scarf thing

Well, this yarn looked kinda like the color of a tree branch. And then I had all these silk flower leaves. I crocheted them together, voila, it's a thin scarf. Or maybe its a belt. But either way, you are definitely a spritely creature if you're wearing this thing

3. VHS tape place mat

There is no doubt about it, cassette tape looks like

yarn. So I use it like yarn. And here it is as a

placemat. Add some shiney crinkilyness to

your meal.

4.chalkboard mug
Gosh, they have mugs that say anything on them don't they? Well this one can say anything you want it to. Go ahead! You just write it on in chalk. I liked the idea of being able to write anything you want on it. So I gave it a try!

Now go be silly.