Monday, September 24, 2007

My non-treasury treasury noticed the treasury was busted, so where could a lonely admin pick up a hot treasury around these parts to keep company through the cold dark night?
Answer: in the forums of course. Etsyians went bonkers posting impromptu treasuries, hoping admin would select one for the front page.

Here is mine! The theme, since the treasury is busted, is busted things! Broken, beat up, messed up, out of order, unserviceable, in shambles and shattered. If you ask me, that's exactly how I like my treasury!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Things you should know if you are swapping with me

I'm participating in a fall gift swap! So I had to answer a questionnaire, so whoever my secret buddy is doesn't send me a bacon cooker to this vegetarian.

I thought the questionnaire was long, but insightful. Here are my answers!

whew! i'd forgotten things about myself by the time i finished :-)
Autumn Swap Questionnaire
Personal/Basic InformationBirthday: may 18, 1980
Location: jersey shore, nj. usa
Pets: wish i had a cat
Children: none
Do you like, love, or not care for Halloween? its ok! i usually think of something to do the last minute
Favorite Holiday: the sweety's birthday!
Occupation/Major in school: journalism
Organizations/Causes/Activities (Things you belong to or causes you believe in): environmentalism, eradicating poverty, helping those with humbly outstretched hands, equal rights
BeautyHair type: brownish
Skin Type: pale
Allergies: i'm allergic to too much makeup.
Other things to avoid: things that smell like fruit or flowers. is vanilla a flower? in that case vanilla is ok
Tub, shower or both? both
Favorite bath & beauty products: tea tree oil. soap! soap that smells like chocolatey desserts. cinnamon. liquours.
Clothing Style/Fave garments: thrifted, vintage, handmade. I like the look of Forever 21. I wear a lot of skirts.
Type(s) of jewelry worn: barrettes, bobby pins, hair clips, pony tail holders, post earrings, preferably made with handmade and recycled materials
Ring/wrist/collar size: large
Jewelry - gold or silver? Do you have any allergies to metal? silver
T-shirt size and preference (standard, babydoll, tank, cami, etc):standard, large
LifestyleFavorite colors: gray, black, brown, blue, green
Style/home decoration style: quirky but simple
Things you collect: nothing at the moment
Favorite music: oldies - 1960s soul, garage, doowop; ska, punk, rap, jazz funeral/New Orleans, rockabilly, surf rock -- man i like all sorts of music
Least favorite music: emo, top 40, death metal, opera, contemporary R&B
Vegetarian/Vegan?: yeah veggies!
Other food restrictions: me like food
Favorite foods/drinks: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, beer, gourmet sodas
Favorite authors/genres: chuck palahniuk, dorothy parker, flannery o'connor, craft books
Least favorite authors/genres: romance, chick lit, the secret, lovecraft
Books/authors you'd like to read, but haven't yet: i dont get much chance to read. so i guess graphic novels would be good. or books about improving your online or indie business
How do you feel about receiving gently used books as gifts? i don't care
Favorite gemstones: i don't wear gemstones
Favorite stores (including clothing stores): thrift stores, forever 21, etsy stores!
Favorite online stores (including B&B stores): the etsy trashion street team and others in my favorites on etsy.
Magazines you subscribe to: adorn, croq, vegetarian times
Magazines you like, but don't subscribe to: readymade! i keep forgetting to subscribe to it; make and craft
Favorite movies: the big lebowski, clive owen films, cohen brothers films, Wes Anderson and other Anderson's films, David Fincher, Chris Nolan
Favorite TV show: clean house, the boondocks, tom goes to the mayor, real time with bill maher
Hobbies/crafts done: crochet, jewelry making, dismantling/recycled crafts, paper crafts
And now for something slightly different:
- Let's say you're "Lost" on an island: what two people and which three things would you want with you? my sweety Greg and my sister Patricia. some spicey spaghetti, something to crochet and a good movie to watch together: food, crafts and movie watching endless nights
- What's your superpower - or what would you like it to be? my superpower is thinking creatively.
i wish my superpower was more confidence/energy
- What things do you consider a necessary part of your "comfort" ritual? very good soap, some type of tea such as darjeeling or english breakfast, good music while i drive
- Describe your favorite place, real or imagined. it would probably be a store that sells handmade items, thrift items, spicy spaghetti, good desserts and beverages, and has an area to watch movies on comfy couches while you make crafts and talk with friends and loved ones.
- What are the last 5 CDs you've had in your CD player, or played all the way through on your MP3 player? the zodiac soundtrack, the traveling wilburys, johnny & the hurricanes, amy winehouse, inspecter 7
Notes (Here's where you can add additional information you'd like your swap partner to know!): I'm trying to be more simple in my life. An item that is consumable is very appropriate. I'm hard to shop for, really. But ultimately I'm grateful for anything I get.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Patricia's dog Jack for Halloween

Every dog should celebrate Halloween.
My sister Patricia's dog, a lab, needs a costume.

We had a chat this afternoon, me, Patricia and Jack.

Here are some ideas for Jack's costume:
-dog catcher (my idea)
-a cat (me and sis)
-a horse (patricia's idea)

the leading idea is:
fire hydrant! (my idea)

red cotton outfit with black lines
circular red valve accessories
hydrant top hat

What does Jack think? Take a look:

Things I am doing right now

* staring at my messy closet

* packaging up some sticker promos

* watching Shooter starring Mr. Wahlberg

* not sleeping

* snacking on whole wheat toast with cream cheese and honey on top

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hope and Healing project

For the entire month of September, shop "Hope and Healing" on and help out a great charity. Here is more info from, who is organizing this project.

"This is the third time Rape Response Services and Etsy have teamed up to raise awareness and money for this important issue. For more information about Rape Response Services, you can check out their website at

Here are some sellers who've generously provided items that, when sold, will benefit RRS:

"Rape Response Services ( is a non-profit agency in Bangor, ME that provides educational and community outreach programs for adult and child victims of sexual violence and the people who support them. The project for Hope and Healing is a collaboration between RRS and Etsy sellers who've generously agreed to donate part or all of the proceeds from the sale of their handmade items to Rape Response Services. Donations are made by Etsy sellers directly to RRS and will be used to support the following programs: 24-hour hotline, community and business outreach, school-based outreach, volunteer training, and support groups for victims of sexual violence. Contact information is available at the RRS website if you'd like more information about the organization or the project for Hope and Healing."

I am donating the proceeds of my button earrings and other button items:

Thanks for making this fundraiser a success!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Interview with

Simply put, nitelily3 makes beautiful bags. They caught my eye and I had to reach out for an interview. Here is the good word. Check out all the beautiful items at

Q: what do you make and why is it great?
A: I make anything that involves fabric, including bags, wristlets, and clothing, as well as paint. I love creating new things, with out the use of patterns that way each item is unique and I have a fun time figuring out what to do with my next piece.

Q: why handmade?
A: Handmade things are original, one of a kind. It's also that touch that you know someone has spent hours working on something and can be yours.
Q: is there a particular reason you make bags?
A: I make bags and clothing because I love fabric, designing, textures, mixing old with new. I began sewing at age 8, making doll clothes, and I've been sewing since then. I can pretty much make anything out of fabric, all one needs is a sewing machine, thread, some fabric and imagination.

Q: describe what you put into your craft, the process of making things.
A: For me, making bags and clothing is like second nature. I look at a piece of fabric and know in an instant what i'm going to make out of it. Or I know a person and make a bag have its own personality, thats why most of my items have names...they usually come to me while making the item and I go from there.

Q: would you like to talk more about a particular item you've made?
I Love my new Large Karolina tote. I made a small purse out of the same fabric and saved the last sliver I had for something special. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to make, but I knew I had to hold on to it for a while. Fast forward 2 months and the idea sprang on me. I knew that I wanted to make a large bag with a mix of old and new. It is pleated and the edges are rounded for a retro, yet feminine look and I added a genuine Vintage Brooch with a Cameo that can be removed and worn on any item of clothing or another bag. I have a lot of favorites in my store, and a lot of ideas in my head, so watch out for new things to come!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Found rubber beads bangle bracelet is a tongue twister

Walk past the mechanic/tire shop, find lots of these little rubber circle cast offs. I did this every day on my way to work to Sears. Sears Auto had all this rubber bits littering the parking lot. I presume they are some part of flat tires , which the mechanic cuts off to replace the tire quickly. I don't know, but I do know I found a gazillion of them and they are awesome.

They make the perfect rubber beads. I fashioned a bracelet out of the deal. It's a rubber beads bangle bracelet!

Cleaned, recycled / upcycled rubber bits, paired with yellowy bead soup. Bangle has an about 7 inch circumference. It's trashion! Save the world, buy unique handcrafted items made via recycling.

This is now available at my etsy shop,