Saturday, July 28, 2007

frontlines at trunk show

I just got done telling the street team members how the trunk show went:

First chance I had, had to tell you some of what happened at the trunk show!

We had Sarah of, Mallory of dismantled, diane of miggipyn, renee of reneedesigns, Stephanie of tiltcraft, meg of enderby, Allison of papercrafts, joann for christine’s eyepopart and me!

We divided up the sellers who mailed things in, pairing up with them to sell their fabulous wares! Mallory-dismantled sold space oddities, diane-miggipyn sold funkyluke, renee sold amuckdesigns, Allison-papercrafts sold naturemadescents, and me-tiltcraft-enderby sold pauliina, fairytalefibers, kae1crafts and groovyvinyl (we shared a long table)

If you’ve ever been to a craft show/fair, this was nothing like it. Lots of fun cool people having fun, oogling our stuff. We all got to chat with the guests and each other, we all had a real admiration and we’re having a grand time. We had a packed house! came to have a bit of fun and also helped. She was the official door monitor and handed out the earlybird swag bags (which were admired by many). Then we had a full table of just giveaways, promos, prizes and other free fun! There were extra biz cards for folks to take, a paper bead takeaway craft station that was jumping all night, oodles of free trashion inspiration packs, duct tape roses, a door prize and a mailing list all hanging out on one table.

When you went inside, you saw our wonderful sellers. Three racks of clothing, five tables of merch, a packed place. Everyone had beautiful displays and we looked dang good. We offered customers to pay by PayPal and had about $200 in sales that way J One customer was able to make purchases even after running out of cash because paypal was available! Yay!

When you went in further, you could partake of our chips, dips and drinks ( I made a weak cocktail that was yummy) and watch the workshop – the fun chat room we set up. There was a camera and keyboard nearby to interact further. Online in the workshop there was constant chatter and some free prizes!

Everyone who participated had at least one sale! I had to stop myself from buying more than one item from everybody! I was so impressed! Oh and admin bought from us too. Rob will use a fairytalefibers hat to keep him warm in the office during cold winter climes. We had at least 100 people there easy, I did not keep count. I hope you all will share some of your successes from the show too!

It was all tons of fun, though a lot of work. But so worth it! We got a new member who came to learn more, we have a mailing list of people who want to learn more about us, and our stuff is in the hands of lots of people who came out! Just great!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

what i am doing

making things from cassette tapes, forgotten puzzles, plastic flower innards, discarded junk jewelry, buttons...

preparing for the trashion trunk show, july 27 at etsylabs

heading the trashion street team

watching 'tom goes to the mayor' and 'shin chan' from cartoon network

eating too much surf taco

designing ads with cars/boats/trucks or homes in them