Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Buy My Supplies is buy two, get third FREE

I have a supply shop. There is a massive sale going on. http://buymysupplies.etsy.com

GIANT LABOR DAY SALE!Buy two items, get a third item FREE!
For every two items you buy, the third item is free, now through Labor Day 11:59 PM EST. The lesser priced item is FREE!What a steal :-)All you have to do is select 3 items and put "labor" in the notes to seller. Await an amended invoice. Shipping cost is not included.This is a GREAT way to stock up for everything you need!Lots of supplies at a great price!Thanks for looking, new items will be listed regularly, so check back.I accept Paypal and other forms of payment.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I love handmade soap

Put down your Ivory. It's all a lie. Irish Spring? No.

You need actual soap. Soap forged by the hands of human and made of things that aren't also used to kill insects. You need - you deserve- handmade soap, and you need to buy it on http://etsy.com.

This is my handmade soap manifesto. I am not a soapmaker. I am a client. Let me tell you about some of the fine people I've bought soap from.

Today in the mail arrived a beautiful package from http://lothandvolta.etsy.com. One of my favorite scents is cinnamon. Now I have cinnamon and geranium soap from L&V. I am clean and a smell like cinnamon. I am a happy, clean, and good-smelling woman. I defy you to find stuff this good at Rite-Aid. I also bought the mint and the flower soap, which look and smell wonderful. Truly impressive, I love it. Check out all the fabulous products from this two-person soapmaking team.

When mosquitos attack, who do you call? http://shineyourhineysoapco.etsy.com, that's who. Her lemongrass and green tea soap did the trick. Mosquitos are at bay. I was at work today and I nearly said aloud "who smells so wonderful?". I stopped myself, because it was me that smelled so wonderful. Washing with this soap is the equivalent of having something great to smell all day. It's a real pickme up. DEFINITELY check all the other great products in this soap. The packaging also makes you smile.

I also recently bought tea tree soap from http://distilledrose.etsy.com. This soap was gigantic bar. I'll never leave the shower. The tea tree is great for oily/combination skin. Plus its great to shave with, did you know that? Fresh and bright scent with great properties. The rest of the shop? Top notch scents and ingredients. Head over there. right. now.

These are just SOME of the wonderful folks I've bought soap from. I am always impressed, every shower. It's a really happy thing. Buy lots of etsyian's soap. You will get a far superior product, will be supporting independent crafters/artisans, and will feel and smell good - if not far better - than before.

If you want to see these products in person, here's an opportunity. At the EtsyLabs in Brooklyn, a team of etsy shops called the Etsy Clean and Green Guild are having a trunk show Aug. 31. You need to be clean for labor day. So buy some of the fine wares available this evening. For more information, please check out: http://etsylabs.blogspot.com/2007/08/last-fridays-trunk-show-etsy-green-and.html

Monday, August 20, 2007

New goodies at sweetyprize.etsy.com

Looky here!

Some new goodies from my shop, http://sweetyprize.etsy.com/:

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Interview with Sojourncuriosities (http://sojourncuriosities.etsy.com)

Sojourncuriosities' shop is stunning. Beautiful objects wrapped intricately to form beautiful jewelry.
Her nearly 100 shop items will take your breath away!
I reached out to her for an interview. Please check it out to learn more about http://sojourncuriosities.etsy.com/

*One of a kind, fine jewelry with a story to tell. Dreams and memories of people, places, times and tales expressed in knitted and sculpted wire, incorporating lace, ribbon, semiprecious beads, vintage and modern found and natural objects.


*My work is a melding of my passion for capturing the intangible in words, and my drive to create. The planning and dreaming is something I've always been prone to, and the bringing of those dreams and thoughts into a piece of wearable art that I can then share with someone is incredibly gratifying to me. Knowing that my pieces are created with a special intention, and then having someone else be drawn to that intention, and cherish it is amazing.


*Collecting: I've always been a collector. My dad is a nature lover and a scientist, and, in part, I think, due to him, my eye has been keen for interesting bits of nature for my whole life. For a while in college I had bracket fungus, small dried mushrooms, bits of lichen and moss, dried flowers, stones, and twigs, as decoration in my place. There would just be these little enclaves of nature preserved, something like a museum, actually. I still collect, but, now, I incorporate the special bits I find into my pieces.

*Revisiting: Sometimes I start with a plan, and I know what I'm looking for. Most times, I just open up my button box, or my box of nature, and see what calls to me.

*Making: Whatever I find calls to me, becomes knitted, or sculpted into a piece of wire based jewelry, along with beads, buttons, ribbons or lace.

*The Story: Sometimes the concept or story is there first, or develops, sometimes it's still developing even as I finish a piece. This aspect of my work is just as important to me as the finished tangible piece. It's almost like breathing life into the design.


The "What the Nets Brought In" line of knitted pieces is based on the idea of some traveling ship, nets cast and bits of the essence of that time or place, dream or memory cling to the nets when they are drawn up.One of the most special-to-me pieces in this line is an earlier cuff, called "What the Nets Brought In: Christmas Eve, Fairmont Ave". This is based on memories of my Meme's house at Christmas time. She would have ribbon candy, and other old-fashioned fancy candies in bowls. Her tree was adorned with old-fashioned ornaments, metallic, glittering and fragile. At arrival or leaving, the darkness of her porch was threaded through with large, opaque multicolored Christmas lights.

Thanks, sojourn! Be sure to check out her shop at http://sojourncuriosities.etsy.com/!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

what i am doing

packing up stuff

remaking a banner for an etsy seller

making a custom scarf


writing for the brick times

hoping the caffeine will kick in